Save The Whales


Andrew Piland

Andrew Piland, aka Hawksilver, is a composer, guitarist, and

producer who resides in Nashville,TN. Originally from

Hampton Roads, Virginia, Andrew received a bachelor

degree in classical guitar from Norfolk State University in

2013. He’s had the privilege of partaking in master classes

from classical guitar greats Manuel Baruecco, Andrew York,

and Gabriel Bianco. His love for music and film, however,

has led him to explore the compositional styles of James

Newton Howard, Hans Zimmer, and John Powell to name a

few. Andrew’s versatile style and compositional technique

whisk you away with grand epic scores featuring modern day

sound design effects and hybrid orchestras, yet he reels you

in with intimate heartwarming pieces. His palette of styles

has also presented him with opportunities to co-compose for

university theater productions. Referred to as a “Jack of all

trades,” Andrew has developed many skills from sound

design, editing, orchestrating, and most importantly a knack

for interpreting a person’s idea or musical thoughts. It is with

these skills he has begun to intertwine the “score sound” into

a lot of the music he produces for several different artists. He

has become quite the connoisseur.